New to AdWords?  Let Me Help You Get Started, For Free

If you are just getting started with AdWords or need a tune up, this is a great place to start. This eBook assumes you’re starting from literally nothing, but it will show you some of the approaches I take to account management, as it outlines effectively what I’d do with an account, assuming I didn’t have StatBid tools at hand.  I tried to explain why you are doing various steps, and not just what to do.

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It gave us a ton of actionable recommendations on how to reduce management time and generate better returns. [...] I would most definitely recommend contacting Roy if you do not have a professional helping you with google adwords or any other search marketing.
— Ryan Kirkpatrick, CEO at Shwood Ltd. (via LinkedIn)
Roy, I followed your guide to rework my basic branding campaign and already have seen a drop in CPC from $0.15/click to $0.04 with little to no affect on delivery. I mentioned it to our team and how that one bit of advice will save us around $1k this month and they’re pretty stoked.
— Stephen Emsley,