We Earn Our Clients' Trust

Roy Steves, Founder

Roy Steves, Founder

The key is to align our goals, so that when you win, we win. The way we ensure this mutual success is to tie ourselves to your account's return on investment. If we over-spend by a single dollar, the billing model switches to a bare-bones flat rate, no matter how much revenue was generated. This ensures that we have skin in the game, and that's the way we like it.

We'd love the opportunity to provide you with a free, in-depth account review. It will outline not only whether StatBid is a good fit, but also what we'd do in your shoes, tomorrow, to make the account more successful. Work with us, or not, you should find it valuable.

Further, we're a Premiere Google Partner, specializing in Google AdWords.  Only 3% of Google Partners earn the Premiere distinction, and it shows that we're working more closely with Google's team, at an operational level.

Services and Specialties

StatBid provides full-service AdWords account management for eCommerce retailers.  We're especially proficient with Shopping and Text Campaigns, as these are the most direct ways to market your products to shoppers currently looking for products like yours.

Our strategies and tools work best with catalogs of at least 1,000 products, and a monthly spend of at least $5,000.  If you're short of those figures, don't worry--we're still happy to see how we might help you get there!

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We are retailers, like you--but we chose to double-down on our favorite part of the business, to form StatBid. E-commerce is our passion, and we love talking shop, and helping smart people do amazing things.

Our combined decades of e-commerce experience, earned building IR 500 businesses, means that we understand exactly the challenges and fears that haunt retailers. Are your partners really earning their keep, or are they just sending invoices? How are you going to comp last year's growth? What opportunities are you missing? We want to help!