4 Agencies Converge on Corona to Collaborate with Monkeys

Tom Barr, E-commerce Marketing Director for MonkeySports, attended StatBid Summit earlier this year and in a stroke of genius he thought to himself, "Self, why don't we host our own partner summit and bring together our marketing partners to collaborate with one another and see if we can make this formula work 1+1+1+1 = 10?"

Seth Meyers Great Idea

In my roughly 20 years as an e-commerce operator I can't believe I've never thought of this idea before.  If you've got non-competing agencies working for you then why the heck wouldn't you attempt something like this?

The game plan for the event was to use the Pecha Kucha presentation format that we used at StatBid Summit and several e-commerce meetups we've hosted over the years.  The format is absolutely awesome; forcing the presenter to distill their message down to 20 slides that auto advance every 20 seconds.  I highly recommend you try it out the next time you have the opportunity to present.

The structure of the day was as follows:

Opening Remarks

Tom kicked everything off with a presentation of how MonkeySports selected each partner.  Lesson to vendors out there...none of us were selected through the "can I get 15 minutes of your time" emails.

Tom's Intro

Partner Introductions

Pano Partner Shot

Teams from NextLeft (Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing), PepperJam (Affiliate Marketing), Listrak (Email Marketing) and StatBid (Paid Search Marketing) each presented a Pecha Kucha providing an overview of their respective company and capabilities.  Unfortunately, the team from The Agency Advertising Group (Broadcast Television & Radio Advertising) wasn't able to attend.

MonkeySports State of the Union

Tom & Joe presented MonkeySports SWOT and what keeps each of them up at night.

Joe's Presentation

Partner Performance Overview & Strategic Direction

Each partner did a second Pecha Kucha presentation reporting on performance YTD, hits/misses and plans for the rest of the year.  Throughout the day the conversation was bouncing back and forth with the speed and intensity of a professional ping pong game; much like visiting my distant Greek relatives where everyone seemingly had something to say.  The vibe was energetic and supportive of one another with a genuine desire to discover the points of intersection where agencies could align to help MonkeySports.

MonkeySports Marketing Summit Brainstorm

My personal takeaway is that this first MonkeySports Marketing Summit was a huge success and now it's up to Tom and his team (both internal and external) to figure out how to build on the initial meeting; prioritizing and execute on the joint projects that will benefit MonkeySports.

If you are interested in setting up a similar partner summit feel free to get in touch with me at shilo@statbid.com.