Google AdWords IP Exclusions: When Should You Use Them?

If you are using IP address exclusions in Google Analytics, you may want the same Google AdWords IP exclusions as well

In doing AdWords reviews one of the things I see occasionally is that people will configure Google Analytics to exclude certain IP addresses.  One of the more common reasons I see this is to filter traffic from a company's office to prevent contamination from abnormal usage.  We occasionally see some e-commerce companies that enter their phone orders through the same or similar pathway as their customers do, which would also distort the data if not properly tagged.

If your e-commerce operation does that latter, make sure you copy those same IP exclusions in Google AdWords too.  If you haven't done this, then making that change will have two effects.

First, the perceived conversions will drop significantly. This is an illusion--nothing has actually changed with your conversion count overall, AdWords just won't be taking credit for internal clicks and conversions.

Second, your employees won't see ads from those IPs.

One caveat, this could often include you from seeing those ads too, which is important to remember.  They're still running, but you may not see them if your IP address is on the exclusion list.

One final thought and it's pretty obvious, but you should train your team to never click your ads if they aren't aware that it is costing you money.

If you have any questions about when to use Google AdWords IP exclusions, feel free to email me.  Or, if you have any other AdWords or e-commerce related questions don't hesitate to get in touch.  I love to talk shop.

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