How Do I Find the Search Terms Google Matches to Our Products?

Roy, how do I find out which search terms Google is matching to which products in our Shopping Campaigns?  Ideally, I'd like to find the search queries that matched to a specific SKU in our feed.  I am playing around with the data in the dimensions tab but am not exactly seeing a view, filter or column that helps make that association clear to me. Derek

Hey Derek, there’s not a great way to get this data by SKU. The best you can do is to use Google Analytics to find search queries matching Shopping Campaigns based upon how your feed is setup.

  1. If you are using Google Analytics and have it connected to AdWords navigate to: Acquisition > AdWords > Campaigns > and click into your shopping campaign
  2. Next, click on keywords in the top navigation
  3. Then underneath keywords, use ‘secondary dimension’ and use search query.

That will show you the search query data based upon your product IDs. I often see a lot of product IDs being * though as there are ‘all product groupings’ or something else and so not all the data will associate to a specific product; but that’s usually the best query data you can get for shopping terms.

Another way I've done this is to create a Shopping segment, and then look at some of the reports. The downside is that from within Google Analytics the "keyword" is actually, for reasons I don't fully comprehend, a string representing the product group that generated the click, and not the specific product.

If you set the segment to Shopping campaign visits, and then check out the "Search Queries" report under Acquisition > AdWords, you can at least see what queries are generating conversions. If you have AdWords and Analytics connected from the Analytics side you can see clicks or CPC in addition to sessions, conversion, etc.

If, however, you had a specific product in mind, you could also refine that "Shopping visitors" segment by going to the Enhanced E-commerce settings in the segment and adding a condition for that product--I just don't see a way to do it en masse.

Hopefully, Google will make it easier to find search queries matching Shopping Campaigns in the future.

Thanks for the question Derek.  Drop me a line if you have any other questions.  I love to talk shop.

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