Using Sitelink Ad Extensions to Promote a Sale

Roy, what kind of control/influence do we have on our PPC SERPS in regards to having SALEs show up like the example below?Kevin


Those are sitelink ad extensions, which you have control over in AdWords.  The great thing about the sitelinks is that they're schedulable, so if you have a sale between two specific dates, you can set them up in advance, and then they'll automatically deactivate once the sale is over.

If you have a promo calendar already planned out, you can match it, especially for the brand campaign (where a sale of any product type wouldn't distract from the search intent), and you just need to fill out these fields for each:

sitelink ad extension
sitelink ad extension

Link text can be up to 25 characters, and Description can be 35 per line.

Thanks for the question Jim.  Drop me a line if you have any other questions.  I love to talk shop.

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