We Love to Talk Shop

The genesis of StatBid came from Roy & Shilo's passion for talking shop with other e-commerce professionals.  StatBid Community is a place where e-commerce professionals can learn from one another and share their insights and experiences.

The StatCave

Geek out on numbers, trends and what it all means. This isn't your boring stat talk, do you dare enter the StatCave?

StatBid Summit

Check out some of the amazing presentations from StatBid Summit in Palm Springs.


The future of eCommerce

Review predictions from the previous two years' Future of E-commerce Surveys.

StatBid Blog

A collection of blog posts covering a variety of e-commerce related topics from StatBid and friends.

How did StatBid Start?

In early 2015, Roy and Shilo knew that there was an opening in the market for a new kind of PPC agency, and there was proof of demand.  We had eCommerce experience, growing retail businesses by significant multiples during our tenure, and so branching into the vendor space would be a bit of a divergence from that path, but.....