Facebook Ad Creative Offerings


In this guide, we will cover all the creative ad types that we offer. For pricing, please contact your StatBid account manager.


Dynamic Prouct Ad (DPA)

Facebook dynamic ads automatically show the right products to people who have expressed interest on your website or elsewhere on the internet. Upload your product catalog and we’ll set up your campaign. The dynamic ad will continue working automatically, finding the right people for each product and always using up-to-date pricing and availability.

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Dynamic Prouct Ad (DPA)
With custom first slide

Advertise a promotion/sale, advertise your collection, or showcase your company’s branding with a custom image at the beginning of your Dynamic Product Ad.


Single Image Ads

Simple and versatile. We can add text or logos on your image, advertise a new collection, advertise a sale/promotion, and more.


Carousel Ads

Have control over which products or collections you want to feature. Choose to display lifestyle photos, product photos, or a mix of both.


Collection Ad

Feature your best video or lifestyle image front and center with a collection of products below. With a collection ad, a product landing page opens within Facebook. Users can then select the product they are interested in and are then directed to your website.

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Lead Generation Ads

Feature an offer and utilize the in-network Facebook lead gen form or direct customers directly to your website’s lead form.


Animated Text Ad

Highlight features of your products with an addition-grabbing animated text ad.


Video & Slideshow Video Ads

For many brands, video ads produce the highest ROAS. We can create simple text video ads and slideshow video ads that fit your banding.