StatBid Dynamic Display Ad Recommendations

Google dynamic display ads show potential customers personalized content from your product feed and need to have certain elements to be effective, we will detail those below along with recommendations from Google to achieve optimal results. Just remember, you want your ad to stand out!

Clear Messaging

Try to design evergreen messaging (not promo or season-specific) that clearly defines your brand, offering and key differentiators.

Consider the following:

Punctuation at the end of your headline isn’t necessary

Avoid duplicating the text from your description

Don’t use your business name in the headline

Messaging Components:

  • Short Headline - 25 chars
  • Long Headline - 90 chars
  • Description - 90 chars
  • Business Name - 25 chars
  • Final URL


Your company logo is essential to building brand awareness. It is an optional part of the dynamic display ads, but highly recommended!

You may upload a logo with a 1:1 or 4:1 aspect ratio (it’s recommended to upload your logo using both). 

  • Be sure that your logo is centered and cropped carefully. 

  • Avoid adding any small text or additional “flair” with the logo. 

  • White backgrounds are acceptable, but it’s recommended to use a transparent background. 

  • Any white space or padding should not exceed 1/16th the size of the logo. For example, if your logo is 400x400 pixels, your padding should be no wider than 25 pixels.

Marketing Image(S)

Arguably the most important part of your ad, the image captures a user's attention and defines your brand. Pick a clear, high quality image that is representative of the brand and clearly conveys the product offering.

Avoid the following:

  • Blurred images
  • Skewed/distorted images
  • Images that include a mirror image
  • Washed out colors, inverted colors, excessive filters
  • Images with borders
  • Collage images
  • Images with digital composite backgrounds
  • Overlaid text on top of your images, which can be hard to read at smaller sizes.