Linking Search Console to Google Ads

Before you begin

Here are some requirements before you link your Search Console and Google Ads accounts. 

  • You must have administrative access to the Google Ads account that you want linked to the Search Console account.

  • You’ll need a Search Console account. If you don’t have one, you can set one up at anytime on the Search Console site.

  • Your account must also be an owner of the Search Console account, as well an owner of the website associated with the Search Console account.

    • If you’re not listed as an owner of the Search Console account, a request for access to the website will be sent to the current owner when you try to link your Google Ads account to the Search Console account.

    • If there’s no Search Console account set up for the website you’re trying to link to, you’ll be prompted to claim it as yours during the linking process. 

Linking your Search Console account to your AdWords account

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.

  2. Click the gear menu () and select "Account settings."

  3. Click "Linked accounts" in the navigation bar.

  4. Under the "Search Console" section, click "View details."

  5. In the text box, enter the URL for the website you want to link (i.e.

  6. Click "Continue."

  7. If accounts link successfully, you’ll get a "Congratulations" message. Click Done.