StatBid New Client Checklist

StatBid was born out of a love for talking shop. Both Shilo and Roy came together with a desire to create a lifestyle business built on doing great work with like-minded companies. We vowed not to take on investors so we weren’t accountable to outside influences that didn’t have our employees long-term best interests at heart.

We’ve found that we all do our best work with clients that fit the following criteria:

  • We Can Have a Big Impact - we begin all client relationships by doing an account review so we can gain the necessary context to understand what impact we can have by applying our management philosophy to your business.

  • We Like the Product and Company - we have the good fortune of working with several great companies whose products we love and often are already customers of; if we are doing a review for you we probably already like your product and company.

  • Access to Ownership or Influential Leadership - the most successful accounts are highly functional collaborative partnerships and we find that we are able to get more done in accounts where we have access to ownership or influential leadership that can remove barriers that prevent our combined teams from getting shit done.

  • Growing Businesses - we have a strong preference to partner with clients that are growing (or have growth potential) and have a well-articulated and understood strategy for growing their business and realize the growth is a team effort and not the responsibility of a single channel.

  • Account Size - we work best with clients spending at least $10,000 in Google Ads, but are willing to work with companies that have the potential to grow to at least that level, but hopefully much much bigger.

  • Account Complexity - technical debt and overly complicated account structures get in the way of us doing our best work so we prefer to partner with clients that can effectively manage their technology and have a streamlined account or are open to our standard account structure.

  • Channel Exclusivity - occasionally, we run into clients that have multiple agencies managing different aspects of a single channel; one agency for display, another for video and yet another for search. We are big fans of collaborating with complementary partners, but the overhead of working with redundant partners rarely produces a superior result.

  • Culture of Testing, Learning & Curiosity - nobody has all of the answers and as the marketing ecosystem continues to evolve much of the more challenging work we do with our clients is about continually testing hypotheses to improve your marketing scale and efficiency; we prefer to partner with clients that have a desire to learn and the resources to collaborate on testing both on your site and within the channels we manage.

  • Trust, Respect, & Realistic Expectations - we value clients that have realistic expectations about the channels we manage and are willing to work through problems in a collaborative manner; productive relationships absolutely require trust and respect in one another.

  • Compatible Values - we don't partner with companies whose products or values we don't believe in, but prefer to partner with clients that value a long-term relationship built upon shared values.

  • Willing to Attend StatBid Summit - Finally, we put on a unique annual partner summit and we love it when we get the chance to meet our clients in person; and love when our clients present and share their insights with others. This isn’t a hard requirements, but something we hope you will consider.