Partnering with StatBid

We feel we are an extension of your team, which is the primary reason we don't take on clients that directly compete with one another.  With our backgrounds as e-commerce operators, we often go above and beyond what a typical paid search agency would do to help you grow.

An important part of our partnership is to create role clarity and define expectations of one another.  Below is a chart that roughly outlines what we feel are our responsibilities and your responsibilities to make the partnership as effective as possible.  If you have different ideas we are always open to suggestions on how to improve or if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us.


We use several different tools to communicate within our team and with you. We are bombarded with information in our lives and our goal is to continually work to find the most efficient means of communication for all of us.

Timeliness, Trust & Transparency - we work best when we are able to get timely and complete answers to any questions we have and the more trust we have in one another and willingness to share openly and honestly the stronger our partnership will become.



Team Member Roles
  • Roy Steves- Roy is responsible for ad hoc account analysis and is a great resource to answer any strategic or tactical questions you may have.
  • Shilo Jones - Shilo is responsible for your overall satisfaction and is also a great resource for any questions you may have
  • Chelsea Brackett - Chelsea is responsible for the prioritization and management of all one-time and recurring task as well as the people working within your accounts
  • Jaret Keniston - Mostly behind the scenes Jaret is responsible for the performance of the account and tends mostly to the output of the robots and humans that work in your accounts
Team Member Roles - it helps us to get an introduction to the relevant team members both internal and external to your company that we would need to work with. It’s important for us to understand who does what and who makes various decisions related to our efforts.
  • Who handles strategic decisions i.e. deciding on changes to cost of sale?
  • Who handles creative/design approval and execution?
  • Who handles changes to the Web site?
Slack - we setup a private slack channel for you, which is where humans and robots will post various messages to collaborate with one another on the team. You have access to this channel and are able to interact with anyone on the team if you wish. We value transparency and efficient communication. Not all of our clients use the Slack channel, but some do that are comfortable working with Slack. If Slack is part of your natural habitat then we are happy to have you join us in collaborating through this channel or just observe the activity happening within your account.
Email - this is still one of the most effective methods of communication. You can expect a response to any email that you send within 1 business day, but typically you’ll get a response within hours regardless of the day of the week. Feel free to use email as often as you’d like. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us while maintaining our focus on improving your business performance rather than on administrative overhead.
Calls - during your onboarding we’ll schedule a recurring call with you so we can collaborate in real-time as the needs of the business mandate. During our regularly scheduled calls we’ll we’d love for you to provide us with any business context that will help us better partner with you. This can take the form of strategic or tactical updates directly or indirectly related to the work we are doing.
Reporting - we are working on a weekly performance report for you that will include key metrics for the performance of your account. If everything is performing as expected you’ll likely just see the performance report. If our team feels the performance requires any explanation you’ll receive commentary on what action our team is taking to improve performance.




Largely out of our control is the user experience of your Web site, yet we are highly dependent on its performance to help you achieve the best results we can.

We will occasionally provide recommendations on how to improve your Web site whether those.

This is where we need the most help from you. We expect that you are continually working to improve the performance of your Website. This encompasses a lot of areas from working to improve your conversion rate and average order value to continually working on improving your product assortment, product data and pricing among other things.

In addition, we sometimes need help with identifying or creating the best landing page for an ad. It helps us out if you have the ability to create a custom landing page when we can’t find an ideal landing page for a specific ad.




We recognize that we have a responsibility to protect your customer and product data as if it were our own. We are dependent on having a robust data layer in place to do our jobs well. Most of our clients provide us with administrative access to Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center and in some cases your e-commerce platform too. We often work within these tools to enhance or fix data related issues necessary to our role.

We require accurate conversion tracking as our systems rely on this information to make bidding decisions. We need your help to make sure we have a robust data layer in place to work with. We also leverage customer transactional data i.e. email, order dates, order values to build retargeting and lookalike audiences to market against.

Google Tag Manager



We benefit from having at minimum user level permissions to Google Tag Manager (GTM) so we can implement or improve tagging within your site. We are comfortable taking responsibility for publishing any enhancements we make.

We typically use GTM for building audiences and adding/enhancing marketing tags.

In today’s digital marketing and e-commerce platform landscape it’s critical to have a good tag management platform and since Google Tag Manager is free it is a great choice. A good tag management system makes it so much easier to quickly implement and test new tools, marketing and user experiences. We’d like all of our clients GTM installed and running properly. We can help our clients that don’t have the resources to implement GTM.

Google Merchant Center



We need Admin access to Google Merchant Center where we’ll take responsibility for setting up and troubleshooting feed rules, merchant promotions and help diagnosing problems with shipping and tax settings.

We also will setup alerts to notify us of any critical changes within your feed that may prevent sales.

We need our clients to submit a minimum product feed to Google Merchant Center that we are able to work with. We need our clients to take responsibility of the accuracy of the feed that is sent to Google. We also would like our clients to continually work on improving the quality of the feed based on both Google and our recommendations.

Google, Bing, Yahoo Gemini & Facbook Ads



For all marketing channels that we manage we’ll take responsibility for the following:

  • Making sure the accounts are configured with the proper settings per our best practices unless otherwise agreed to.
  • Adding new content and managing existing content within the accounts.
  • Setting up standard audiences based on our best practices and assist with setting up additional custom audiences.
  • All bidding and bid adjustments within the accounts.
  • Overall performance for the accounts and campaigns we manage.

We need our clients to help with or take direct responsibility for the following:

  • Making sure a valid primary payment method and a backup payment method is on file.
  • Providing timely responses to request for feedback on any content within the accounts (graphics, videos, copy, etc.). Some of our clients choose to produce their own assets with their internal resources or agency partners for us to manage, which is fine.
  • Additionally, several of our clients take advantage of using their 1st party transactional data to build custom audiences within these platform.