StatBid Customer Resources

At StatBid we place a huge importance on our client relationships. It's important that we work together to achieve success. We've put together some resources to help streamline the on-boarding process. If you have any questions or would like some clarification, feel free to reach out to your account manager.

Our Partnership

Getting Started - To get our partnership off to the best start possible and maintain a strong partnership we've written a couple of documents that will help manage each other's expectations as we work together to grow your business.


Helpful Resources - Use these calculators to help determine your COS, budget and incrementality test setup.

Account Access

Google Credentials - In order to properly setup and manage your advertising, we need access to your google accounts. Click the links for detailed instructions.

Demand Generation

Brand Building - As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve the value of increasing demand for your brand grows in importance.

Creatives & Specs

Google Ad Networks - Google has several options for advertising and remarketing, we have listed instructions for them. Please reachout if you need assistance.

Linked Accounts

Other Google Sites - For optimal Google Ad performance we need to link Google Analytics, Search Console, and YouTube. Here are the basic steps to linking these sites.

Merchant Center Promotions

Merchant Center Promos - For increased exposure of onsite promotions, we can use Google Merchant Center promotions to enhance listings in Google Shopping.


Facebook - Advertising with Facebook has never been easier. We will walk you through each step of the journey to help you with the best practices.