Free Google Ads Account Sprint Review

While we obviously use our full reviews as a prospecting tool, StatBid is offering sales-free sprint review to listeners of Electric Eye’s “Honest eCommerce” podcast! We’ll cut straight to the point, and show you the top few things you should do to your account to improve efficiency and profitability in short order.

What makes the review “sprint”?

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Our full reviews are frequently 15-30 pages, and go into specific details for a given account, from the perspective of what we’d do to the account ourselves if we took it over.

The “sprint” review, however, just focuses on the conclusions, rather than the full explanations. They jump straight to concrete instructions, so that you can start saving money right away. You can expect these to still be 6-10 pages, though, so they’re going to be beefy enough to be as valuable as we can make them.

We love to talk shop, though, so if you have questions about your sprint review, just let us know!

Of course, if you are potentially considering StatBid account management, feel free to request a full review, though!