Don't You HATE Sites That Don't Just Tell You What They Charge?

We do too.  Remember, we've built and run IR 500 ecommerce companies so we think like operators, not vendors.  We understand where you are coming from. Our pricing was designed based on what we would want in working with a partner.  You deserve no less!

We bill monthly based on a percentage of managed ad spend, but...

  • No Setup Fees

  • No Long Term Contracts - Month to Month Pricing

  • No 90 Day Ramp Up Periods. We earn our keep from day one.

  • COS Guarantee - You never pay us for Ad Spend beyond your COS Target.

  • 10% of Ad Spend for Accounts Spending $80,000+ per month

  • 12% of Ad Spend for Accounts Spending $50,000 to $80,000 per month

  • 15% of Ad Spend for Accounts Spending Less Than $50,000 per month

  • Get Started with a Free AdWords Review

Avoiding conflicts of interests is very nearly the only consideration in the way we've set up pricing.  In our years as retailers, the vendors we were least comfortable with were the ones that were going to be paid the most when they acted as selfishly as possible--such as a straight percent-of-spend, with no qualifiers, or a percent of revenue with no ROI commitment. 

We didn't want our billing model to get between us and our clients, and this is what we've come up with to that end.

Our pricing for full-service management is a percent of spend, but with a COS (Cost of Sale) ceiling.  COS is the reciprocal of ROAS--the percent of revenue you spent on the ads.  If, for example, you want to spend 25% or less, and we generated $100,000 in revenue in a given month and we spent $25,000 to do it, then the invoice would be $3,750 (15% of $25k).  

What happens if we overspend?

We work hard to avoid overspend, but if we're really pushing an account for growth, it can sometimes get a bit close near the end of the month.  Originally, we would drop our invoice to the minimum after any amount over-spend.  This, however, made us a bit too conservative for many clients' taste, and so we've updated the guarantee to strike a better balance with client goals, while still preserving the "we're all in this together" philosophy that makes us StatBid, and is the best path we've found for both our own growth, and that of our clients.

If we overspend by less than 10%, we only bill you up to the amount that would have hit your COS target.  So, in the above example, if we generated $100,000 in revenue, but spent $26,000 to do it (a 4% overspend), then we only bill on the first $25,000 of that budget.  

If we overspend by between 10-20%, then we'll discount our bill by that same percentage.  So, if we spent $28,000 to earn $100,000, that's a 12% overspend, and we'd drop our bill by $450 ($25,000 * 15% fee * 12% discount).  This stacks with the first tier guarantee, and so that discount is applied against only the bill for the first $25,000 in spend.

The final tier goes back to our original model.  If the account goes over by 20% or more, then we can't reasonably charge you more than our minimum--and so that's exactly what we do.  This is usually only the case if there is a technical challenge outside of our control (such as with tracking on the site, bugs in checkout, or interruptions in feed generation), but we still want to be on the line to help you resolve those issues, even if they're outside our "official" responsibilities.  

This is, admittedly, a bit more complex than our old model, but it ensures that we're both aiming for the same outcome--the largest scale possible, but at an efficient and profitable return.  If you have multiple targets (such as branded versus non-branded campaigns), then we simply split that minimum into appropriate line items, each evaluated individually.

The StatBid method works best on accounts that are large enough to be spending at least $5,000 per month.  Below that threshold, and we sometimes have trouble reaching statistical significance on our decisions--and we admit that!  However, we encourage you to reach out, even if you're below that bar, as we'd still like to talk shop, and see if we can help!

Did you have a question not answered here?

No problem!  Just use the Contact Us page to send your question right over!  We love to talk shop, and would be delighted to discuss your specific use case with you.

Not sure if your account would be a good fit for StatBid, or vice versa?  Don't worry, we'd still like to try to help!  There's only one way to be sure, after all...