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Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

Unlock the full potential of your ecommerce website by leveraging data to drive conversions and increase AOV.

Data-Driven Approach

Our team of data scientists use analytics to inform how to optimize digital experiences that are aligned with your customers’ behaviors, preferences and expectations.

Holistic Approach

From initial landing to post-purchase follow-up, we work with you to optimize every digital touchpoint for maximum efficiency and engagement.

Ecommerce Expertise

Ecommerce digital experiences are very specific, and we have years of deep ecommerce experience with organizations of all sizes and markets.

Free User Experience Review

Discover what’s hindering your store’s performance.

Making the Most of Your Visitors

No matter how much you pour in the funnel, if it’s leaking somewhere, you’re reducing what comes out at the other end. Reducing obstacles and friction in the shopping process increase the likelihood of customers to complete their purchase.

Because every brand and every merchant is different, we don’t have a standard conversion rate optimization playbook. We look at the data, create hypotheses, select the most likely to have an impact, run tests, measure and iterate. Also, we don’t test the color of buttons. That’s just plain silly.

And the Most of Your Ad Spend

Driving qualified visitors to your site, through SEO or SEM is one half of the equation. Ensuring that shoppers that click through on one of your ads get a cohesive and relevant experience is the other.

Landing pages provide the critical bridge between the off-site and on-site experience, and developing campaign-relevant entry points into your site lead to greater conversion and a more efficient ad spend

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Optimizing the user experience (UX) is at the heart of an intuitive, engaging, and easy to navigate website. Positive interaction fosters trust among customers, making them more likely to complete purchases, return in the future, and recommend you to others.

Confusing navigation, overly complex taxonomies, ineffective catalog layouts, poor trust signals, slow site speed, all lead to shopper frustration. By prioritizing and enhancing UX, we help ensure that your users enjoy a user-friendly shopping experience that drives sustainable growth for your ecommerce brand.

Aligned with Consumer Preferences

The average amount of time a customer spends on a website is very short. Ecommerce merchandising provides a shortcut to visitors finding the products they are looking for, by reducing cognitive load and aligning with their inferred intent.

While true personalization at scale isn’t achievable for most brands and retails (yet), recognizing customer behavior and context allows us to create shopping experience tailored to their preferences, driving

Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace

In an ecommerce landscape, where customer choices are vast, offering a superior shopping experience becomes a critical differentiator that can elevate a brand above its competitors, ultimately driving higher sales and sustainable business growth.

We provide ongoing analytics and performance reporting, offering clear, actionable insights that enable continuous refinement and optimization of the user experience on your site, ensuring that you meet customer expectations and remaining competitive.

We are a Premier Google Partner

The Premier Partner status is the highest level an agency can achieve. It is a designation reserved for only 3% of all Google Ad users.

Free User Experience Review

Discover what’s hindering your store’s performance.

StatBid has been more like an extension of our own team, than a separate agency. Their contributions go way beyond day to day management of paid search, from strategy to innovation.

Nathan DeckerDirector of Ecommerce at evo

I was frustrated with the performance from our paid marketing channels and I reached out to the team at StatBid and they did an amazing deep dive analysis into our account. Their analysis was incredibly detailed and gave us specific actionable insights we hadn't considered before. I would highly recommend partnering with StatBid for search marketing.

Jeff McRitchieVP of E-commerce at

Good people, great returns, no BS.

Mike McClungCEO at Dungarees

StatBid has seamlessly integrated into our Paid Media team, demonstrating a proactive approach and a strong focus that assures us our account is being managed to not just meet but surpass our business expectations.

Stacey PetersonSr. Digital Marketing Manager at Outdoor Research

Even if we’re not the right fit, you’ll still gain value from connecting with us – guaranteed