Every search agency on Earth offers some kind of PPC and/or SEO audit (although, seriously, who has a positive association with the word “audit”?), and so do we.

The difference is that when we write an account or site review for you, they are written by us, from scratch, every time—not an auto-generated PDF sales pitch. The goal is to outline our biggest observations, which would make up our top priorities if we were an in-house member of your team. We write them that way so that you can execute on the recommendations yourself, and start making more money, right now, as well as learn how we think and work.

Free? What’s the Catch?

A fair question! It’s entirely true that these account reviews are partially a sales tool, but we want to give you an authentic taste of what it’s like working with us. StatBid’s services are most appropriate for retailers and DtC brands spending over $10,000 per month already, but want to grow from there.

What if you are not spending that much? No problem! Smaller accounts generally just mean shorter reviews, as they tend to be a little less complex to pick apart. We are happy to help, and always want to leave things better than we find them.

Whether or not either of us think StatBid is a good fit for your business, if you find the review valuable, just shoot us a testimonial or LinkedIn recommendation to that effect. Those go a long way!

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