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Search Engine Marketing Services

We grow your campaigns in a way that is incremental to your net profit. Not on how much we can spend.

Merit-Based Approach

We’re the kind of team who wants to earn their keep every month, without exception. We don’t charge a setup fee, and we don’t have long term contracts.

COS Guaranteed

By billing against the lesser of the managed spend or your actual revenue times your COS targets, we’re only rewarded for profitable spend.

Ecommerce Expertise

Our team elevates the success of your campaigns by leveraging deep customer understanding, product expertise, and market insights.

Free Google Ads Account Review

There’s a lot a stake. Get a thorough account review done by an expert, not a robot.

Long-Term Profitable Growth

You determine what percent of revenue you need to spend on advertising, and we deliver as much revenue as we can at or below that Cost of Sale (COS) percent target. Thinking in terms of a COS target creates a reinvestment flywheel that best facilitates long term profitable growth.

Data-Driven Resources Allocation

Analytics tell a story, but with privacy-centric mechanisms that make tracking uncertain at best, can we truly believe in that story? Through incrementality testing, we can assess the impact of marketing activities and campaigns so that you can know how to best allocate your resources.

Informed Investment Decisions

It’s hard to determine an appropriate budget or COS target without understanding where your revenue is actually coming from! We’re intimately familiar with the ways multi-touch and multi-channel shopping paths play out, and their implications for your business.We can help narrow in on a consistent strategy for managing that overlap and ambiguity in your investment decisions.

Feed Generation & Optimization

Shopping campaigns (and a few others) rely on a complete, high quality product feed to work their magic. As such, we can help identify the top priorities for improving the product data you’re exporting, and engineer post-processing rules to automatically manage repetitive formatting and data needs.

Seizing Opportunities

Google is constantly adapting to pressures from ecommerce giants such as Amazon, and the ever changing shopper behavior. We keep our playbooks updated with the latest strategies we’ve tested, but we also craft custom build-outs to take advantage of unique opportunities presented by individual accounts.

We are a Premier Google Partner

The Premier Partner status is the highest level an agency can achieve. It is a designation reserved for only 3% of all Google Ad users.


Ultimately, we need a model that scales up with account size and complexity, but that also recognizes the economies of scale that make some aspects of larger accounts less laborious to support.

We also want a model that ties our success as closely as is practical to the success of the client. Percent of revenue models ignore differences in margin, so that’s out. Percent of Spend is very common partially because it (theoretically) avoids that issue, as the spend should be proportional to anticipate margin.

If it were practical, we could build a very complex system for tying us to some algebraic function of actual net profit, but that would be too complicated to explain, let alone actually implement.

As such, we’ve crafted the simplest model we could that still ensures that our incentives are directionally aligned with yours. These are the main components:

Free Google Ads Account Review

Rate Tiers

To accommodate efficiencies of scale, larger accounts are billed at a lower rate than smaller accounts. The rate applies to the entire spend across all of your campaigns.

$2,000 Minimum

This ensures that clients have sufficient transaction data to support our optimization efforts, and that we can marshal adequate resources for your needs.  That typically means ~$14k per month (and up) in ad spend, for scale.

Month to Month from Day One

We want to earn our keep every month, without exception. We don’t have a setup fee, and we don’t have long term contracts.

Efficiency Guarantee

We bill against the lesser of the managed spend OR your actual revenue times your COS targets. This ensures that we’re only rewarded for profitable spend.

Rate Tiers


Free Google Ads Account Review

There’s a lot a stake. Get a thorough account review done by an expert, not a robot.

StatBid has been more like an extension of our own team, than a separate agency. Their contributions go way beyond day to day management of paid search, from strategy to innovation.

Nathan DeckerDirector of Ecommerce at evo

I was frustrated with the performance from our paid marketing channels and I reached out to the team at StatBid and they did an amazing deep dive analysis into our account. Their analysis was incredibly detailed and gave us specific actionable insights we hadn't considered before. I would highly recommend partnering with StatBid for search marketing.

Jeff McRitchieVP of E-commerce at

Good people, great returns, no BS.

Mike McClungCEO at Dungarees

StatBid has seamlessly integrated into our Paid Media team, demonstrating a proactive approach and a strong focus that assures us our account is being managed to not just meet but surpass our business expectations.

Stacey PetersonSr. Digital Marketing Manager at Outdoor Research

Even if we’re not the right fit, you’ll still gain value from connecting with us – guaranteed