We Earn Our Clients’ Trust

The key is to align our goals, so that when you win, we win. The way we ensure this mutual success is to tie ourselves to your account’s return on investment. If we over-spend by a single dollar, the billing model switches to a bare-bones flat rate, no matter how much revenue was generated. This ensures that we have skin in the game, and that’s the way we like it.

We’d love the opportunity to provide you with a free, in-depth account review. It will outline not only whether StatBid is a good fit, but also what we’d do in your shoes, tomorrow, to make the account more successful. Work with us, or not, you should find it valuable.

Roy Steves, Founder

Passion for Your Business

We are retailers, like you–but we chose to double-down on our favorite part of the business, to form StatBid. E-commerce is our passion, and we love talking shop, and helping smart people do amazing things.

Our combined decades of e-commerce experience, building IR 500 businesses, means that we understand exactly the challenges and fears that haunt retailers. Are your partners really earning their keep, or are they just sending invoices? How are you going to comp last year’s growth? What opportunities are you missing? We want to help you grow your business, and that requires sharing knowledge and experience–something we are passionate about doing.

Getting Started with Google AdWords

New to AdWords or need a tune up? Check out Roy’s free Getting Started with AdWords eBook.

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Roy's AdWords account reviews are very thorough, and he does a great job explaining the implementation details, as well as fielding questions afterwards. The whole document was set up so that we could grab some immediate wins, as well as longer-term strategic improvements. So many account audits are just sales fluff, but Roy approaches it like a first-person account of what he'd do in the first eight hours in your account, and spells out the steps along the way.

Scott JordanCEO and Founder, Scottevest

I've followed Roy's growth after meeting him at an eCommerce show and have always been impressed by his enthusiastic data driven approach to marketing.
When I noticed Roy was starting his own shop I was excited to reach out and have him take a look at our SEM program. Roy gave an in depth audit that was more robust than any vendor I'd previously worked with. I was able to hand the StatBid audit right to my SEM team and see instant results.
We were lucky to leverage Roy's robust knowledge to better our business. I highly recommend Roy to any company in search of a SEM partner.

Rob BrockettSenior Marketing Manager, Guitar Center

Roy did a review of our Adwords accounts. It was hands down the best review we had ever seen. The level of detail was astounding. Throughout the thorough review was recommendations which we were able to immediately implement and see performance gains.

David EscobarSenior Manager Digital Marketing, Marketplaces, Analytics and Planning at Beall's, Inc.

I met Roy through a recommendation from a colleague, and I'm so glad that we were able to connect! Roy performed an audit of our account for us, and the insights he shared were truly unique and thoughtfully explained. I actually loved reading his review and learned quite a bit from it.

Whether your organization is just starting out or running a full-fledged SEM program, Roy's insights and services will add value to businesses of any size. I encourage anyone in the digital space to reach out!

Alisha Hemmingson RunckelDigital Marketing Manager at Hanna Andersson

I've had the wonderful opportunity to work with Roy extensively over the last couple years. It has been game changing.

Roy's technology and insights are directly responsible for saving our company close to seven figures without compromising growth. To say I merely recommend Roy understates how highly I regard him and his work. His technical comprehension, marketing savvy and experience in the ecommerce space are unmatched and applied uniquely to a technology that I believe is upping the ante for paid search automation.

Roy is witty, intelligent, refreshingly honest and fun to work with. I am confident he will add value for many businesses to come and count it a privilege to be both early contributor and ongoing client of Statbid.

Nathan DeckerDirector of Ecommerce at evo.com

One of our advisors introduced us to Roy and recommended that we have him review our AdWords and Analytics account. Within a short period of time, he put together a very detailed report and offered us up some incredible insight that we were able to apply to our accounts right away.

Jason BoltFounder and CEO - Revant Optics

Roy's lean, scrappy, data-driven approach to marketing is what sets him apart from other marketers. Because of his deep technical expertise, he can get right down into the details, and quickly come back up again to the strategic level, putting together a pragmatic marketing plan that's tailored to your company - one that doesn't just simply involve spraying money around on various paid tactics.

He was great in helping us think through our approach to paid and organic search at Aerobatic, and gave us some really concrete things to implement that improved results.

Lastly, Roy's willingness to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for marketing, and demystifying a lot of the jargon is a trait to be admired. If he's on the bill for a speaking engagement, you should definitely go. You'll be entertained and will surely pick up a nugget or two that you can go to work the next day and implement.

Jason GowansData-driven Marketer & Entrepreneur

So thankful to have synced up with Roy to take over DesignByHuman's paid advertising management! Roy offers a unique blend of managing everything on his own, yet still makes you feel like he's part of your in-house team.

Roy is tremendously positive and enthusiastic about his job. Nothing seems to please him more than beating your COS targets, finding new angles or algorithms to try or whatever else Roy is doing behind the scenes. Rest assured, you'll always get a fully detailed report of exactly what Roy finds, wants to try or just an update on how well things are improving.

We've also benefited by Roy's overall eCommerce experience and have been able to ping Roy on a variety of eCommerce questions across all our channels. He's always been more than willing to jump in with past experience and recommendations. Can't say enough about how positive it's been getting to work with Roy.

Kevin KinellVP, Product and Engineering at Work Truck Solutions