The StatBid Story


We started StatBid because we love talking shop, we love helping people build their businesses, and we wanted to take control of how we spend our time. The thought of spending most of our lives in a cube farm tied to a 10-key was painful, so we started building robots to do the work for us.  This allows us to focus our efforts on analysis and creative innovation, which then accelerates the success of both our clients, and ourselves.

Our Core Values

We view company culture as the combination of the personalities, expectations, and attitudes of the members of the team--all we can do is guide and shape it, not define it and impose it.  These are the principles that we are using to guide the development of the culture of StatBid, and help us guide who we work with.

We are Scrappy, Clever, Impactful, Honest, Respectful, Fun, and Generous.

  • SCRAPPY: We punch above our weight class, and aren't afraid of trying crazy things, if we think they'll work.  We get up when we're knocked down, which makes us terribly inconvenient to fight.  We do a lot with a little, taking a page from MacGuyver, or NASA (think Apollo 13).  We welcome competition, friendly with our colleagues and clients, indomitable with our market competitors.
  • CLEVER: We try to make the smart decision every time, and we use that advantage whenever possible.  The right amount of pressure in just the right place is better than overwhelming force, indiscriminately applied.  We're creative, innovative, and willing to invent the right tool, if it doesn't exist.  We do things no one has thought of.
  • IMPACTFUL: We work hard for our money, and so we ought to use it efficiently, obviously.  But time is worth even more than money, as once you spend time, it's irreplaceable.  We invest both in ways that maximize the outcomes we intend.  That might not always be in the office.  If it's 5pm, and your time would be more impactful coaching your child's baseball team, GTFO!  We work with adults, after all, who are capable of prioritizing their impacts.
  • HONEST: Wrapping up both the Transparent and Authentic aspects of TAGFEE (from Moz, who we respect and admire) into one easy to chew capsule, HONEST describes not only our approach with our clients, but with ourselves.  We share anything that's relevant, and appropriate, but we also keep ourselves and each other honest--our decisions are data-driven, or at least rational and reasonable.
  • RESPECTFUL: Humans have a way of creating conflict, it's how we are wired. The Golden Rule is a great reminder for all of us to demonstrate respect and empathy for one another.  It's a tool for us to resolve conflict through open communication.  If we can defuse or prevent conflict, we can redirect those energies to more impactful ends.
  • FUN: We are incredibly passionate about what we do for our clients, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  To do so would damn us to a sterile, stagnant work life.  We like to have fun, and as you get to know us we have a very quirky sense of humor, and aren't afraid to poke fun at ourselves.  Also, we feel that it's important to have adventures whenever possible.  We individually cherish our own adventures, but StatBid itself can also have adventures, exploring new possibilities, even if they're not traditionally related to what we do today.
  • GENEROUS: We get ahead by helping people, but we'd probably do it anyway.  We offer assistance without the anticipation of reciprocity.  We might still get something out of it in the end, but that needn't be the motive.  Leave things better than you found them.  Make the world, or our industry, or our neighborhood a little better place for our having been in it.

Roy's Background

Roy Steves, Founder of StatBid

Roy Steves, Founder of StatBid

Hello!  Roy here.  While you can get the facts from LinkedIn, the story is a bit more interesting than that might appear.  

My education was in Computer Animation, so I studied to one day work for Industrial Light and Magic or Pixar.  However, while building student clubs, and promoting the brand new animation degree program, I discovered I was far more interested in the business than the animation itself.  So, when I graduated, I joined an eCommerce company (now known as, and found an excellent fit.

In 2010, I started as a Sr. Software Engineer at PoolSupplyWorld, which was about twenty people, and had been growing steadily.  However, I realized that they hadn't really been using AdWords at all.  Being an arrogant engineer, I figured "how hard can it be? It's just applied algebra, after all."  Fortunately, I was right, and we added 30% to the business in the first year.

Over the next few years, I'd teach myself another marketing channel, build it up to the point where I could afford to hire for it, find someone better at it than me, and hire them.  Over the course of three years, I gradually migrated from an engineer to Chief Marketing Officer.

By mid-2013, we'd more than doubled revenue, and were acquired by Leslie's Poolmart Inc., a national brick and mortar chain with over 900 stores in 35 states.  We took over their website, in addition to running PoolSupplyWorld, and I held title of Vice President of Digital Marketing.

While that's a cool title, and there are a lot of great people at Leslie's, the entrepreneurial call came back stronger than ever, and so, in September of 2015, I left to start StatBid, where I'd have the freedom to build something truly unique.

I've been building AdWords automation systems, doing deep analysis, and having a blast talking shop with fellow eCommerce professionals ever since.  

So, how can I help?