StatBid was originally founded to specifically provide reliable, efficient, and consistent management of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns on Google and Bing (hence the name), and it remains our domain of deepest knowledge and experience.

“Best Practices” can only be one-size-fits-all, and that means they’re never an ideal fit for anyone. Our Paid Search philosophies and strategies, however, are specifically tailored for Ecommerce stores, as that’s where we’ve spent the majority of the past decade or two of our careers.

Here, we’ll briefly outline our philosophy toward Paid Search, and examples of types of support that we provide to execute against that philosophy.


Our goal is obviously to grow your campaigns as far as we can, but we want to do so in a way that remains incremental to your net profit, not just how much we can spend.

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COS-Based Budgeting

You determine what percent of revenue you need to spend on advertising, and we deliver as much revenue as we can at or below that Cost of Sale (COS) percent target. If we’re too far off from that target, we’re either harming market share (spending too little) or net profitability (spending too much). While we understand cash flow management concerns, we find thinking in terms of a COS target creates a reinvestment flywheel that best facilitates long term profitable growth.

Incrementality Testing

Finding the right COS targets is its own challenge, but with some testing, we can help estimate the diminishing returns curve, as it relates to your COS target and your margins.

Efficiency Guarantee

You shouldn’t have to pay an agency for adspend that they shouldn’t have spent, right? With some agencies, they’ll spend as much as they can get away with without getting fired. We find that quite unsavory, and to defuse that adversarial conflict of interest, we only bill on spend that falls within your COS target. More details below.


We can’t succeed unless we’re able to help you succeed. Luckily, we love to talk shop, and have quite a lot of Ecommerce experience we can share. We are happy to provide ad hoc support and advising for:



It’s hard to determine an appropriate budget or COS target without understanding where your revenue is actually coming from! We’re intimately familiar with the ways multi-touch and multi-channel shopping paths play out, and their implications for your business. Depending on what data you have available, we can help narrow in on a consistent strategy for managing that overlap and ambiguity in your investment decisions.

Feed Generation

Shopping campaigns (and a few others) rely on a complete, high quality product feed to work their magic. As such, we can help identify the top priorities for improving the product data you’re exporting, and engineer post-processing rules to automatically manage repetitive formatting and data needs.

Site Performance

We obviously work with dozens and dozens of Ecommerce sites, but we’ve also been in-house operators, too. We can cut through the noise, and help identify bottlenecks in your shopper behavior and conversion flow. We can also compare your site’s performance to other clients, to get a snapshot of how things compare today.

Curious by Nature

Even on a mature platform, like Google Ads, things are always changing, and so yesterday’s home run solutions might be tomorrow’s table stakes. For example, here are a few areas we are actively testing around, and learning more every day.


Brand Incrementality Studies

Have you noticed blog articles arguing both for and against bidding on your own Brand name? That’s simply because both authors may be right--for the site they were testing, but only that site. We help identify how much, if any, brand coverage contributes to your net profitability (including how much is recaptured by Organic), and translate that into specific COS recommendations for Brand campaigns that are proportional to their actual value.

Testing New Campaign Types & Structures

Google is constantly adapting to pressures from Amazon, Facebook, and changing shopper behaviors. We keep our playbooks updated with the latest strategies we’ve tested, but we also craft custom build-outs to take advantage of unique opportunities presented by individual accounts.

Evaluating New Technology Partners

As a team with a lot of Ecommerce operator experience, we’re as skeptical as anyone when a shiny new tool is paraded around. Plus, a tool that might be great for one type of marketer may not have the same impact for an Ecommerce marketer’s use case. We’ll bring our analytical eye, data science skills, and experience to your business context, helping you make the right friends among industry partners for your site’s needs.

Customer LTV Analysis

Some purchases are one-and-done, but others are so frequently reordered that subscription models fit. Most sites are somewhere in the murky middle, though, and operating under unverified assumptions can seriously disrupt your reinvestment flywheels. We can use your order data to help determine the right balance of new customer acquisition and retention strategies and investments.


Ultimately, we need a model that scales up with account size and complexity, but that also recognizes the economies of scale that make some aspects of larger accounts less laborious to support.

We also want a model that ties our success as closely as is practical to the success of the client. Percent of revenue models ignore differences in margin, so that’s out. Percent of Spend is very common partially because it (theoretically) avoids that issue, as the spend should be proportional to anticipate margin.

If it were practical, we could build a very complex system for tying us to some algebraic function of actual net profit, but that would be too complicated to explain, let alone actually implement.

As such, we’ve crafted the simplest model we could that still ensures that our incentives are directionally aligned with yours. These are the main components:

Free Google Ads Account Review, by a human, not a script.

Rate Tiers

To accommodate efficiencies of scale, larger accounts are billed at a lower rate than smaller accounts. The rate applies to the entire spend across all of your campaigns.

$2,000 Minimum

This ensures that clients have sufficient transaction data to support our optimization efforts, and that we can marshal adequate resources for your needs.  That typically means ~$14k per month (and up) in ad spend, for scale.

Month to Month from Day One

We want to earn our keep every month, without exception. We don’t have a setup fee, and we don’t have long term contracts.

Efficiency Guarantee

We bill against the lesser of the managed spend OR your actual revenue times your COS targets. This ensures that we’re only rewarded for profitable spend.

Rate Tiers


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