6 E-commerce SEO Marketing Insights from Rand Fishkin

I’ve known Rand Fishkin for years. And for years, I’ve been picking his brain for insight and advice every chance I get. I can’t tell you how much I respect his opinions. Heck, you all know this already if you’ve ever seen a Whiteboard Friday or had a chance to see him speak. We recently held our second Founders Speaker Series event with Rand in Seattle. Before he answered questions from peers attending the event, I was able to pick his brain one more time on camera for over an hour. We’ve taken the best parts of that interview and split it into two parts.

The first video is really focused on strategic and tactical marketing topics. I polled some of our clients and asked them what questions they have for Rand. Rand answers those questions and more tackling questions ranging from what he would do if he were running SEO for your e-commerce company to whether you should worry about disavowing low quality links or not.

Here is a list of the questions that Rand answers in this video.

  • What are the first things you would do if you were in charge of SEO for an e-commerce company

  • Will we need to re-tool the skill sets of our SEO team to be successful in the future

  • What are the keys to building a successful link-building campaign and how do you get internal support?

  • Should I disavow bad links and how often?

  • How can retailers remain competitive?

  • How do I fight back against challengers to my Google search rankings?